What we do best

Floral Design

Here at Studio Tallou, we are passionate about expressing you and your story through natures treasures. With endless combinations of blooms and foliage, fresh and dried, we can create unique, and awe inspiring moments and settings. They evoke emotion and help us to express what we may not be able to say in words. Whether it be your wedding day, a special event or a gift to someone or yourself, we are here to curate these gorgeous natural gems.

Furniture Hire & Styling

We specialise in creating beautiful spaces that are unique, intimate and memorable. Whether it's just furniture hire you're after, or the whole kit and kaboodle - we've got you covered. The Tallou style is heavily influenced by nature. From the rugged coastline to the earthy bushland, we’ve grown up with a love for these landscapes and exude this inspiration through our signature style. We love to layer textures, colour palettes and beautiful pieces that'll not only photograph like a dream, but will make you and your guests feel welcome and warm. At our core, we're creative little garden fairies who can bring magic to any space.


Graphic Design

Setting the tone for your wedding or event begins with a beautiful Save The Date or Invitation, and then carrying that theme throughout. The extra attention to detail takes your event to the next level. We offer as much or as little support as you need. From complete stationery packs (Save The Date, Invitation, Welcome Sign, Seating Chart, Place Cards, Menu) to just a few individual items - you set the rules!